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Family life is not always easy. There are many issues that arise and sometimes legal issues come up as a result. Things like divorce, child custody, guardianship and more. These issues are often emotionally draining in their own right, not to mention the stress and headache that comes from dealing with the legal aspect of family cases.

Help alleviate this stress by turning to Lynda D. Olson Attorney At Law to guide you through the legal aspects of your family issue. Lynda Olson has practiced for over 37 years in the Salem and Keizer, OR area.
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There are many factors involved in a divorce besides just the separation of two people. If there are children involved this can bring many other factors to the divorce. These include:
  • Child Custody: who will be the primary guardian of the child/children?
  • Child Support: if sole custody is appointed to one parent, then the other parent may be responsible for helping to support the children financially.
  • Visitation Rights: a parent who is not granted custody can negotiate visitation based on the family circumstances.

Collaborative Law

Divorce does not always have to be settled in court. If both parties agree, then a collaborative negotiation with the lawyers of both spouses can be held without having to go to court.

Premarital Agreements

No one goes into a marriage anticipating that it will end in divorce. However, considering that more than half of marriages do end in divorce, it may be a good idea to prepare just in case. This can help to avoid a possibly long and drawn out process. A premarital or prenuptial agreement (prenup) can allow you to establish what possessions and finances belong to whom, so there will not be a potentially long and emotional negotiation in the case of divorce.


In instances where a parent is unable to be the guardian of a child, then guardianship must be established. Guardianship can also apply to an adult who is physically or mentally disabled and cannot take care of themselves. In both cases the paperwork and legal process can be extensive, so it helps to have an experienced attorney to guide you through.

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