Estate Law Attorney in Salem, OR

Elderly couple meeting with lawyer — Estate Planning in Salem, OR
Estate law deals with aspects of your possessions and belongings and how they will be handled in the instance of you being incapacitated or deceased. It includes last will and testament, trusts, and powers of attorney.

Estate Planning

Careful consideration is needed when planning out your estate. Not only do you need to consider who will receive your assets, but also consider the best mechanism for providing for your beneficiaries. Lynda D. Olson Attorney At Law can help advise you of your options and various methods of providing for your family.

Probate Law

Most people who are named as an executor of someone's will are not lawyers. If you have been named an executor then you will probably need some help and guidance to understand your responsibilities and legal obligations as an executor. Lynda Olson can offer you the advice and legal support you will need to fulfill your role as an executor.

If you are ready to begin planning your estate or need help to be an executor then call 503-399-7882 to schedule your consultation with Lynda Olson.